Fixed Annuities

Annuities come in many different forms to meet your specific needs. An annuity can be deferred or immediate, can provide fixed options, and can either be part of a non-qualified or qualified retirement plan. Annuities are long-term savings or investment vehicles.

Fixed Annuities
When it comes to retirement, you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing your money will be there to take care of your needs, no matter what.

With a fixed annuity, your retirement savings earn a fixed interest rate for the life of your contract. All purchase payments accumulate and grow on a tax-deferred basis, putting more of your savings to work for you. As with all deferred annuities, you defer the payout phase of the policy until sometime in the future, which allows you to accumulate cash value over time.

Flexible Premium Fixed Deferred Annuity
Good choice for

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conservative investors who want the flexibility of making multiple deposits.

Immediate Annuities
As the name suggests, immediate annuities are purchased with a single premium, and immediately provide an income stream. The income stream is determined by the amount of initial premium, the length of time that the payout will continue, and the number of lives being covered.

Single Premium Immediate Annuity
Many Single Premium Immediate Annuity contracts allow you to turn a fixed asset into a regular source of income. You make one premium payment and, in return, receive a fixed, guaranteed income. A Single Premium Immediate Annuity may be paid out either as a Fixed Period Annuity (annuity certain) where income is paid over a specified period of time or a Life Annuity where income is guaranteed over your entire lifetime regardless of how long you live.