Specialty Products

Specialty Products are available to enhance or customize a basic health plan to fit individual needs and budget.  These products are not designed to replace or be an alternative to more comprehensive traditional health insurance with major medical coverage.  Specialty product plans may offer a benefit or discount for a specific service not covered by a health insurance plan.

One way to cut healthcare expenses is through telemedicine, aka telehealth. Virtual office visits have been shown to lower healthcare costs by reducing avoidable hospital admissions and providing regular access to care in remote parts of states. Telemedicine is just plain more convenient for everyone in this busy world.
HealthNow MD  - Physicians can review medical records, diagnose common conditions, recommend treatment plans, provide second opinions, and prescribe non-controlled medications when appropriate.  HealthNow MD recently merged with Healthiest You where participants see significant improvements in the areas of weight loss, exercise frequency, stress, mood, sleep, energy, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol.
Consult A Doctor - CADR has been delivering telemedicine for years now with over two hundred thousand consultations to date and continuously building a national network of on-call physicians.  They have the tools, the technology and the know-how to efficiently connect patients and providers by phone, email and video for secure, efficient and high-quality care.

Discount Health Plans
Discount plan pay a list of providers and sellers who may be willing to offer “discounts” on some of their services, products or procedures. Discount plans are not insurance and  if you have major health problems or an emergency, you will have to cover most, or all, of the bills if you don’t have health insurance.
Careington – a premier marketer of dental, medical, health and lifestyle discount plans.

Lab & x-ray testing
Interlock Lab & Xray
provides 100% coverage for routine outpatient laboratory testing without co-pays and/or deductibles.