Travel Insurance

travel_index2_r3_c3Why should I purchase a Travel Protection Plan when I have other coverage? What is the difference?

Emergencies happen when you least expect it. Medical emergencies are not the only concern for today’s traveler. Comprehensive plans include travel assistance services that protect both you and your investment – before and during your trip. This coverage can protect you against losing your travel investment to travel suppliers, like cruise lines and tour operators, if you should cancel within their non-refundable cancellation period.

Credit card insurance policies may protect you for flight accidents, car rental damage or for accidental death while traveling, but this protection is usually only offered to you when you purchase your tickets with that particular credit card.

Many HMO’s and PPO’s offer limited coverage when traveling outside your networks. Medicare supplement benefits also need to be reviewed to determine their exact benefits or lack of benefits when traveling.

Why is Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption protection important?

All travel suppliers, whether they are tour operators, hotels, travel agencies, cruise lines or airlines, have cancellation penalties. You pay a deposit or final payment toward a trip and these suppliers will apply their published penalties to your trip. You will find the published penalties more severe as your scheduled departure date gets closer. These published penalties inform you that if you cancel, the supplier will hold all or a large percentage of your monies placed as down payment, deposit or final payment. You will lose this money. Trip Cancellation and Interruption is designed to reimburse you for your loss if you cancel or interrupt for a

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