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Charlotte Lehto

Licensed Insurance Agent

    About Charlotte

    I began my career as an insurance agent in January 2000 with Farmers Insurance Group of Oregon. I established our agency in McMinnville, Oregon working the Property & Casualty market. In 2001 and 2002 our agency was recognized as the fastest growing Farmers Insurance agency in Oregon. In 2002 I moved the agency to Lincoln City and in 2006 I expanded our office to include health insurance and ancillary services by becoming affiliated with The Insurance Store, Inc. Since 2006 our agency has evolved as the “go-to” office for health, Medicare and senior services on the Oregon Coast. Licensed agent Carol Neely provides our office with expert policy services in the property and casualty markets. I work mainly with the health insurance market providing information and quotes to individuals seeking Health Insurance, Medicare and Prescription Drug Plans. We also provide Employer (group) quotes as well as Long-term Care, Supplemental Illness and Accident Insurance, High-Risk Life Insurance and Dental Insurance.
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    We Offer a Broad Range of Insurance Products

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    Business & Groups icon Health & Dental

    Health & Dental

    • Individual Health Insurance
    • Individual Dental Insurance
    • Health Savings Accounts
    • Short Term Medical
    • Accident Policies
    • Cancer, Heart, Critical Illness
    • Hospital Confinement
    • Combination Benefits Plan
    • Vision Benefits
    Business & Groups icon Business & Groups

    Business & Groups

    • Group Health Insurance
    • Voluntary Group Benefits
    Medicare & Prescriptions icon Medicare &

    Medicare &

    • Medicare Advantage
    • Medicare Supplement Plans
    • Part D Prescription Drug Plans
    Long Term Care-Disability icon Long Term

    Long Term

    • Long Term Care Insurance
    • Hybrid LTC Combo Plans
    • Short Term (Recovery) Care
    • Disability Insurance
    • Critical Care Policies
    Life Insurance & Annuities icon Life Insurance
    & Annuities

    Life Insurance
    & Annuities

    • Term Life Insurance
    • Universal and Whole Life Insurance
    • Final Expense
    • Fixed Annuities
    Supplemental Benefits Supplemental Benefits

    Supplemental Benefits

    • Accident Policies
    • Cancer, Heart, Critical Illness
    • Hospital Confinement
    • Combination Benefit Plans
    • Vision Benefits
    Travel Insurance icon Travel Insurance

    Travel Insurance

    • Travelex
    • International Medical Group
    • HCC (Atlas) Travel
    Pet Insurance icon Pet Insurance

    Pet Insurance

    • ASPCA Pet Insurance