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Gail Smith

Licensed Insurance Agent

    About Gail

    Gail has worked in the insurance industry since 1996 and is licensed in Washington and Oregon.. She has experience in a variety of areas…individual and group, medicare, dental, indemnity, life, etc.  Her specialty is working with and understanding the low income population and helping them to make the most of their benefits. Also, helping individuals transition into Medicare is an area where Gail can help a person understand the options available and guide him/ her in the decision of choosing a plan that best fits his/ her needs. When a person is transitioning from Medicaid, the process is sometimes difficult and Gail is able to help make this process less stressful for her clients.
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    Health & Dental

    • Individual Health Insurance
    • Individual Dental Insurance
    • Health Savings Accounts
    • Short Term Medical
    • Accident Policies
    • Cancer, Heart, Critical Illness
    • Hospital Confinement
    • Combination Benefits Plan
    • Vision Benefits
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    Business & Groups

    • Group Health Insurance
    • Voluntary Group Benefits
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    • Medicare Advantage
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    • Part D Prescription Drug Plans
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    Long Term

    • Long Term Care Insurance
    • Hybrid LTC Combo Plans
    • Short Term (Recovery) Care
    • Disability Insurance
    • Critical Care Policies
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    Life Insurance
    & Annuities

    • Term Life Insurance
    • Universal and Whole Life Insurance
    • Final Expense
    • Fixed Annuities
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    Supplemental Benefits

    • Accident Policies
    • Cancer, Heart, Critical Illness
    • Hospital Confinement
    • Combination Benefit Plans
    • Vision Benefits
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    Travel Insurance

    • Travelex
    • International Medical Group
    • HCC (Atlas) Travel
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    Pet Insurance

    • ASPCA Pet Insurance