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Nancy Graham

Licensed Insurance Agent

    About Nancy

    I enjoy being able to help people find solutions for their insurance needs and to be able to do it as affordably as possible.  It can be quite challenging in many instances, but I believe my experience has given me the tools necessary to do so.  I am a division head at The Insurance Store for Medicare plans and programs.  I also work with state and federally funded programs for low income individuals.  We at The Insurance Store believe in putting our clients needs first with a philosophy to help guide people in making their insurance choices, even if it means keeping what they have when we cannot improve upon it.  I have been licensed since April 2002 with a strong background in sales, administration and customer service.  I love the outdoors and am an avid hiker, biker, camper and enjoy fishing.  I am also a musician, actor, director and writer and currently serve as Vice President of a local theater board.

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