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Phil Morrill

Licensed Insurance Agent

About Phil

I have worked in the health insurance field for over ten years and have focused my efforts especially on the areas of Medicare insurance and alternatives to the ACA.  Having been a pastor for over 40 years I have always tried to be a people helper.  Now I apply that same principle to my work in insurance.  Most of what I do is education, helping people to make informed decisions about the best plan for their needs.  I am happy to try to answer people’s questions or find the answers for them without obligation .  In addition I try to give all clients enough time to be satisfied with their choices so that they don’t feel rushed.  I will not try to sell you something I don’t believe you need.
My other activities include involvement in the music of my church and in local theater and schools.

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Health & Dental

  • Individual Health Insurance
  • Individual Dental Insurance
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Short Term Medical
  • Accident Policies
  • Cancer, Heart, Critical Illness
  • Hospital Confinement
  • Combination Benefits Plan
  • Vision Benefits
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Business & Groups

  • Group Health Insurance
  • Voluntary Group Benefits
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Medicare &

  • Medicare Advantage
  • Medicare Supplement Plans
  • Part D Prescription Drug Plans
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Long Term

  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Hybrid LTC Combo Plans
  • Short Term (Recovery) Care
  • Disability Insurance
  • Critical Care Policies
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Life Insurance
& Annuities

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Universal and Whole Life Insurance
  • Final Expense
  • Fixed Annuities
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Supplemental Benefits

  • Accident Policies
  • Cancer, Heart, Critical Illness
  • Hospital Confinement
  • Combination Benefit Plans
  • Vision Benefits
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Travel Insurance

  • Travelex
  • International Medical Group
  • HCC (Atlas) Travel
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Pet Insurance

  • ASPCA Pet Insurance